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Sepco Process, Inc.

Sepco Process, Inc.
Sepco Process, Inc.

Sepco Process, Inc. offers efficient and competitive solutions for designing and supplying vessel and tower internals for separation, filtration and mass transfer applications in the petrochemical, oil & gas, and water treating industries. Sepco Process has gained a global reputation for responsive and reliable process equipment solutions that meet our customer.


Behind every great product, there’s a well-designed process. In fact, Sepco Process has completed many process technology projects with rigorous requirements for high purity processing, containment, hygienic design, contamination control, product quality assurance and/or regulatory compliance.

Process is paramount and Sepco Process enjoys a reputation for strong chemical and petrochemical design capabilities, process technology expertise, and applied process design services. We have the ability to deliver conceptual design and front-end planning, as well as detailed design of process equipment and plant utilities.

In addition to our team’s process design capabilities, we provide process consulting, engineering assessment, plant optimization, equipment design, risk evaluation, and troubleshooting services for existing process facilities.

At Sepco Process, we offer a wide range of design services to support your engineering and estimations including:

  • Process designs & simulations
  • Internals recommendations for optimal sizing and cost
  • Vessel sizing and performance prediction
  • Design verifications for your project

In addition we offer CAD drafting and 3-D internals layout design.

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  • Sepco Process, Inc.
    3290 AVE M EXT
    Conroe, TX 77301
    United States
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  • Fax: 713-456-1833
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Products/Services: Tower Internals, Distillation Trays, Demisters, Separation Equipment

Product Applications: Process designs & simulations, Internals recommendations for optimal sizing and cost, Vessel sizing and performance prediction, Design verifications for your project,

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Business Type: Manufacturer

Activities: Manufacturing, Purchasing Goods & Materials, Sales, Marketing, Design, Development


Contact Name: Sepco Process, Inc.3290 AVE M EXT, Conroe, TX 77301, T. 281-583-1800, F. 713-456-1833, E.

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