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Revalox® has been active in the field of mass transfer product design, manufacture and installation since 1971 and has since been engaged in the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of mass transfer equipment.
Our core strength of technical capabilities and expertise has been developed over an initial period of 13 years as a marketing partner of the Norton Chemical Process Products Division and through our own independent experience built over a period of nearly 30 years. During this time, Revalox® has grown to become a pre-eminent mass transfer equipment company. Our strength is to support our clients not only with the supply of first class mass transfer products but also with support in the design phase of packed and trayed towers.. Often we can propose efficiency improvements in packed and tray column designs.


We design, manufacture and install mass transfer products in a wide variety including:

  • Catalyst carriers (inert alumina spheres or balls and ceramic balls)
  • Design, manufacture and process calculations of structured tower packings, random packed towers, trayed columns, distillation trays in various structural variations and in materials such as stainless steel, monel, ceramics, plastics etc.
  • All kinds of tower packings such as Raschig rings, Pall Rings, Saddles, in a wide selection of materials such as metals, ceramics, plastics, etc. honeycomb monoliths and high capacity and efficiency tower packings.
  • Liquid distributors and re-distributors, support plates in all possible executions, diameters, for packed columns,
    Design, manufacture, install media for biological waste water treatment
  • Demisters / Coalescers
  • Degassers / Deaerators for boiler water conditioning on -and offshore
  • Waste gas scrubbing and gas cooling and scrubbing systems
  • Mail your inquiries for tower packings, packed tower internals and distillation trays, here

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