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Based on 45 years of practical experience in the process, power, and manufacturing industries, we bring this experience together in the form of a process industry professionals directory and make this wealth of information available to suppliers (services & products), manufacturers and buyers. What we generate as income from our services is invested again in the promotion of these services or, in other words, in the listings that you created on this web site. This enables us to deliver you true leads; leads that will bring you business. We offer free and paid listings and we make it possible for everyone, small or large businesses, that is active in this industry, to publish their business. Our experience is based on true practical experience in the start up, management and sale of process equipment businesses in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and China. Multilingual support plus General Management experience of some large American and German Process Equipment related Corporations including Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing disciplines, is available to you.

We can assist you therefore in developing your (international) business. Find you distributors, agents, products, business partners, products, materials, licensees, licensors, manufacturers or engineers. Just ask. Our services are free.

The listings that we offer to the marketplace are amongst the most complete available. In your account and available as information in the front end you can:

  • Create X numbers of Business Listings including all relevant and useful business information
  • Create X numbers of classified ads (buy, sell) etc.
  • Communication tools which enable you to directly communicate with the publishing company
  • Publish your products in keywords that are instantly injected in the major search engines
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  • List jobs that you may have available
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  • Provide documents, pictures etc. to your visitors
  • Advertise your company, its products, with targeted ads throughout the web site or a particular category.
  • etc.

List your requirements in the form of a free listing or classifieds ad. When you need immediate assistance in sourcing a particular item you can contact us here and we will assist you instantly.
List your company, products, services in he form of a free listing. When you need assistance in addition in any form you can contact us here and we will assist you instantly.

Guest Writers:
We invite guest writers to provide us with copy material on industrial, engineering, applications, product, trade, import, export subjects! Please email us your copy here or contact us to make a direct working relationship with us.

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Become a partner in our business. Contact us here with any propositions, ideas, that you may have to make our activity the most important in the industry.

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We provide a.o. the below categories. It is possible that you can list your company, its products, in one exclusive category only available to you. This way you are the specialist in that particular category. When you do not see the category listed in which your company or product should apply, let us know and we create this category or product line for you:

Abrasives, Engineering Consultants, Cooling Towers, Design & Engineering, Electrical, Environmental & Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Fired Heaters Reformers, Forgings & Castings, Hydraulics, Industrial Transportation, Inspection & Testing Equipment, Instrumentation, Insulation & Heat Tracing, Lubrication, Machining, Materials Handling, Metal Working, Non-metallic Materials, Offshore Process Equipment, Oil Exploration, Piping, Onsite Installation & Erection Services, Pneumatics, Process Equipment, Process Equipment Manufacturers, Pumps, Refractories, Refrigeration HVAC, Hardware Software, Rotating Equipment, Safety Equipment, Safety Training, Seals & Gaskets, Structural Services, Surface Coatings, Used & New Process Plant, (Waste) Water Treatment, Services, Welding, Repair Services, Spare Parts, Re-Manufacturing

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For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD
For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD

Arab, AL
United States

The catalyst used is platinum gauze containing some palladium and rhodium. The process gas leaves the catalyst gauze at about 900 °C, and passes in succession through an exchanger train consisting of spend gas reheater/superheater, air Preheater, 225 psig waste heat boiler and 75 psig waste heat


2922 North Division Avenue
York, Nebraska NE 68467
United States

Pneumatic Systems: We know you have choices when it comes to equipment to handle your materials. Instead of choosing a supplier, choose a true partner. We’ll work along with you to develop and produce a solution that precisely matches your specifications and materials for dense, semi-dense and