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Machining & Metal Working

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Machining & Metal Working

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Silver State Specialty Coatings

3625 Polaris Ave Suite B
USA, 89103

Our equipment is amongst the largest, and most technologically advanced in Las Vegas. We offer two drive-in sized spray booths, a drive-in sized ...

M4 Machine

175 Van Dyke St. Suite 325B
USA, 11231

M4 Machine is a CNC job shop with making parts in the lighting and hardware industries. We offer personalized engineering services for companies ...

Prince Precision Products LLC

6600 Hawkinsville Rd.
USA, Macon 31216
United States

This service mentality encompasses everything, from our customers to our employees. We aim to forge meaningful, long-lasting partnerships where those ...

FMD Prototype Machining

5435 W. 59th Ave. Unit O
USA, 80003

First, all work is done by seasoned machinist. Since I personally maintain the highest standard of quality concerning dimensional integrity as well as...

Group Manufacturing Services Inc.

3201 S. Hardy Dr.
USA, 85282

We offer a variety of professional finishes like liquid or powder paint plus silk screening for logos trademarks or control panel graphics. Our ...

Six Sigma Laser Services

6 Federal Way
USA, 01834

We can also flow-test the laser drilling job on-site. Each of our lasers are equipped with 5-axis capability allowing us to cut & drill at those hard ...

Great Basin Industrial

1284 W Flint Meadow Dr.
USA, 84037

The company purchased a fabrication facility in 2010, and completed major plant expansions in 2014. In response to customer demand GBI developed ...

Chaparral Technologies Inc.

2600 Gravel Drive Bldg 7.
Fort Worth, Texas 76118-6907
United States

Chaparral Industries was organized in 1968. Since its inception, the company has been managed through the concepts of organized, strategic selling. ...

Midwest Ranger Inc.

505 Fairways Circle
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
United States

We offer minimum gauge of .003 inches maximum gauge of .063 inches with master coils up to 6000 pounds and 60 inches outer diameter. We have toll ...

Agents & Distributors Machining & Metal Working

Agents & Distributors Machining & Metal Working

Buyers / Purchasers Machining & Metal Working

Buyers, Purchasers Machining & Metal Working

Engineers / Consultants Machining & Metal Working

Engineers, Consultants Machining & Metal Working

Manufacturers Machining & Metal Working

Manufacturers Machining & Metal Working

On site Installation & Erection Services

On site Installation & Erection Services



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For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD
For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD

Arab, AL
United States

The catalyst used is platinum gauze containing some palladium and rhodium. The process gas leaves the catalyst gauze at about 900 °C, and passes in succession through an exchanger train consisting of spend gas reheater/superheater, air Preheater, 225 psig waste heat boiler and 75 psig waste heat


2922 North Division Avenue
York, Nebraska NE 68467
United States

Pneumatic Systems: We know you have choices when it comes to equipment to handle your materials. Instead of choosing a supplier, choose a true partner. We’ll work along with you to develop and produce a solution that precisely matches your specifications and materials for dense, semi-dense and