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Canada Canada. Prominent industries include those related to chemical, food and beverage, petroleum and coal product, primary metal and transportation equipment production.
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For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD
For Sale Nitric Acid Plant-450 STPD

Arab, AL
United States

The catalyst used is platinum gauze containing some palladium and rhodium. The process gas leaves the catalyst gauze at about 900 °C, and passes in succession through an exchanger train consisting of spend gas reheater/superheater, air Preheater, 225 psig waste heat boiler and 75 psig waste heat


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Pneumatic Systems: We know you have choices when it comes to equipment to handle your materials. Instead of choosing a supplier, choose a true partner. We’ll work along with you to develop and produce a solution that precisely matches your specifications and materials for dense, semi-dense and