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Trade Links With Germany

The USA leads as the biggest investor in terms of both manufacturing and R&D projects and sales and service-related projects in Germany. China is also a major investor in both project areas.

World’s Top M&E Manufacturer
Germany is home to Europe’s best-performing M&E sector, with record turnover in the region of EUR 225 billion in 2016. The positive turnover trend is set to continue with market forecasts for 2018 and 2020 and beyond predicting revenue at the same level. With global machinery trade share of more than 16 percent, Germany’s M&E industry sector remains the world’s leading supplier of machinery – consolidating its position ahead of both China and the USA. German machinery and plant manufacturers are world market leaders in 18 out of 31 M&E sectors. German exports increased by 2.6 percent to EUR 155.5 billion in 2015 – a new record. Seventy-seven percent of
machinery turnover is generated from sales to international clients (machinery trade surplus of over EUR 93 billion).

FDI Magnet
Germany is the preferred M&E investment location in Europe, attracting 23 percent of all international M&E projects. This has established the M&E sector as the largest industry sector in inward investment terms, with one in five of all M&E manufacturing and R&D investment projects. With 575 projects in the period 2011 to 2016, Germany is ahead of the UK (377), France (218) and Russia (146). The USA leads as the biggest investor in terms of both manufacturing and R&D projects and sales and service-related projects in Germany. China is also a major investor in both project areas.

Most Important Industry Sector
M&E is Germany’s largest sector by level of activity, boasting almost 6,400 companies – of which nearly 90 percent are SMEs – along the value chain. The German M&E industry remains Germany’s largest industrial employer: The number of people employed in the German M&E industry broke the million mark in 2014, rising by a further 10 thousand people through to the middle of 2016. With total R&D expenditure of almost EUR 6 billion in 2015, the M&E industry belongs to the most innovative sectors in Germany.

Production Value of German Process Equipment Industry

Germany Trade and Invest provides information for exports to the U.S. or starting a business and is the inward investment promotion agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. Their mandate is to promote Germany as an attractive business location. They assist and advise potential investors interested in Germany. Foreign enterprises planning to establish their business operations in Germany can obtain information on the business environment, such as the corporate investment framework, tax regulations, and subsidies. The range of services includes strategic planning, market research, and competitive analysis. Experts provide comprehensive project management and support services from site selection to the final realization of the investment.

All inquiries are kept confidential and their services are free of charge. Germany Trade and Invest is headquartered in Berlin with an additional office in Cologne.Friedrichstraße 60
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30/200 099-0
Fax: +49 30/200 099-111

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