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Why Small Businesses Are Victim of Monopolies.

by on 09-28-2017 11:33PM in From Industry, Marketing, International Trade

Small businesses with limited marketing budgets are competing with national brands when it comes to advertising or the promotion of their business in general. Online marketing for small businesses has become very difficult if not impossible. Small businesses have to compete with corporations with marketing budgets that are multiple times larger than the average total annual turnover of a small manufacturer.

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Pumps In The Process Industry

by on 09-16-2017 12:09AM in From Industry, Marketing, International Trade

Pump and valve vendors can create significant further growth by expanding their product lines by offering the "complete package" eg Pumps and Valves since they are so closely related anyway. Complete pump & valve packages, as connected units, skid mounted or as parts of complex installation does not only add significantly to sales volume, and to differentiation  but also makes the vendor being recognized as the "specialist" in its field. Adding services like (onsite) repair, spare parts, re-manufacture, and design will further add to the company's recognized supplier's position in the marketplace.

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O-rings aren't perfect, but what is?

by on 09-15-2017 10:28PM in From Industry, Technical News From Companies, Company in the Spotlight

O-rings aren't perfect, but what is? O-rings provide an internal (and sometimes additional external) seal for our check / pressure relief valves. To the naked eye, they appear perfectly smooth. However, by nature, they often have tiny imperfections that can, over time, allow flow to escape. Thus, o-rings aren’t perfect, but again what is? Pictured below is a Model #122 valve; zoomed in, you can see the external o-ring’s imperfections.

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Actuators & Valves; What Is Next?

by on 09-14-2017 09:01PM in From Industry, Marketing, International Trade, Technical News From Companies

Actuators & Valves; What Is Next? Most actuator and valve manufacturers in the market offer a wide range of industrial valves and actuators to end-user industries. Competition amongst market players is intense. To escape from the competitive millstone, valve and actuator manufacturers best strategy would be to offer customized solutions based on end-user requirements.

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What is included in your Revrok.Net Process Register Account

by on 09-06-2017 04:08AM in From Industry, Marketing, International Trade

In order to be effective in directory listings, it is important that you offer benefits that make the difference in your trade leads, inquiries, received process....

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